Look for the Signs of a Mental Health Issue

Have you ever said "I am worthless?" or any of the following negative statements?

  • Do people like me?
  • What does my life matter to anyone? Does anyone really care?
  • People say such mean things about me, that must be what I’m really like.
  • Why do people hurt me? I must not deserve any better
  • Why am I such a mess up?
  • Why doesn’t anyone notice me?


People question themselves all of the time.  Negatives thoughts lead to a bad headspace. That is not where you want to be in your everyday life at all.  We must stay in the positive realm of life.  Separate yourself from the negative things in your life.  If that means you have to give up someone you thought was your best friend, but nothing positive comes out of that relationship, let them go!  

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