Mental Health Screening

Just as you have annual physical health check-ups, we encourage you to have regular mental health check-ups as well! There is no health without mental health. These screenings are free, anonymous, confidential and available to all. Screenings allow you to find out in just a few short minutes whether or not further evaluation would be helpful. You can complete a mental health screening online at:


Available screenings:


Feeling sad, blue or hopeless? Lost interest

in things you used to enjoy? Body aches &

pains with no known physical cause?


Alcohol Abuse


Drinking so much you forget what

happened? Trying to cut back but can’t?

Friends and family concerned about your



Bipolar disorder


Mood swings from very high to very low?

Acting in a way that is reckless or risky?

Extremely irritable or starting arguments?

Eating Disorders


Starving yourself to lose weight? Vomiting

or using laxatives to stay thin? Eating out of




Can’t stop worrying? Restless or on-edge?

Experiencing muscle pain, headaches or

stomach problems?


Post-Traumatic Stress


Experience or witness a frightening or

violent event? Having nightmares; easily

startled? Feeling numb or detached?


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