Mental Health on the Move



Mobile Wellness & Recovery in Peoria, IL offers very innovative, cutting edge options for good mental health care. They have a personal touch that provides the opportunity for a clinician to meet you where you are. They have a good client base because of their ability to interact personally with no judgment. 


Mobile Wellness & Recovery clinicians take their services out in the field (go mobile) by providing brief interventions.   The interventions include fifteen to twenty minute sessions on chronic pain, depression, weight loss, counseling sessions by phone, referrals, and cognitive behavioral therapy.


I met with Krystyn Rutherford, MSW, one of the Mobile Wellness & Recovery clinicians to get a look inside their programs.


Lisa: What is your view on Mental Health services available in the Peoria area? Could there be more information/resources?


Krystyn:  “There are several resources for mental health in the Peoria area.” “But, everything is separated and should be together.”  “To include: guidance & mental health, health clinics, check-ins, referrals, cases, teamwork, and on-line resources.”  “I feel services are failing by not working together.”


Lisa: What information would you like to see in Mental Health Matters Magazine?


Krystyn: “More personal stories, education, fact-sheets, and free services.”


Starting this month, Mental Health Matters Magazine will add a training and development site. Mobile Wellness & Recovery has agreed to become an additional partner with Mental Health Matters to build on-line information and resources needed to help in the development of your mental health care.  This on-line training guide will continue to build as resources are available.  So stay tuned!


You can contact Krystyn, or one of the other clinicians by calling: 309-671-8072, email, or by visiting the website at


                            by Editor & Publisher, Lisa Polnitz