Mental Health At Work

Employees carry around stress, anxiety, money problems, relationship problems, and many other distractions, which can affect their work performance and overall mental health.  Mental health is just as important as physical health.  Employers provide memberships to the gym and discounts on health screenings but, mental health awareness training goes by the wayside. Mental Health at work is very important.  Your employee’s mental health matters!

It is very important for employers to provide mental health awareness training, make counseling available, and have the staff on site to direct employees to the help they may need. Creating mental health awareness and providing continued training should be mandatory for every employee.  It is very important to be proactive instead of reactive in any mental health situation. 

Employers need to create work environments that are emotionally safe and healthy – places where their employees can speak, be heard, feel respected, and talk openly about mental health issues. Healthy environments encourage people to have a high level of awareness about how their words and actions are affecting others. Supportive environments also encourage people in understanding each other’s needs, interests and points of view.

“Awareness, understanding and knowledge of mental health issues are key to moving towards achieving health and well-being for all concerned – you, others in the workplace, and the organization.”

“Depression, anxiety, and burnout are common ailments in the workplace, yet they are often overlooked, underestimated and dismissed. “Most people would agree that it’s easier to deal with someone’s physical injury or illness than a mental one.”

June is Professional Wellness Month.  Mental Health Matters challenges every employer to implement a Mental Health Awareness training program, and the needed services, into their corporate goals and initiatives. Mental Health 101 and Mental Health First Aid training is a great start to the training your employees need.

                  By Lisa Polnitz, Editor & Publisher